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Spaniels4Life's Beneficiaries

Spaniels4Life supports non-profit making organisations who are officially registered as spaniel charities in their respective countries. This allows us to offer a guarantee to those donating that their money is going to a charity which is properly audited and regulated. Whilst our focus is supporting charities in the UK, we also run fundraisers for charities in the USA, Australia and South Africa.

If you know of a spaniel charity we haven't supported and
would like to contact us to tell us more, please send us an email

Here is a list of the charities we support in the UK:
SYESSR (South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue)
NESSR (Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue)
ESSW (English Springer Spaniel Welfare)
SRS (Springer Rescue for Scotland)
SAUK (Spaniel Aid UK)
SAR (Sprocker Assist & Rescue)
Here is a list of charities we support worldwide:
FBR (Florida Brittany Rescue), USA
Spaniel Welfare South Africa
CSRA (Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Australia)
CSRQ (Cocker Spaniel Rescue Queensland Inc), Australia